Advent Calendar

art of tea cyprus advent calendar

We are Art of Tea. And this year we are 11 years old.

And throughout these 11 years, we see one of our most important tasks as introducing as many people as possible to the traditions and culture of tea drinking.


For 11 years we dreamed, worked, worried about the next ups and downs - in general, we drank a lot of tea...

For yourself and as a gift

The Cypriot team has decided to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with 24 interesting types and varieties of tea

– yes, this is a tea Advent Calendar.

Listen and drink

White, green, red, oolong, sheng pu-erh, shu pu-erh and even hei cha (black) - we have put together a real tea collection for you.

Every day - new tea

Every day, starting from December 1, we will post on this page information about tea that will be in the tea calendar.

Starts December 1 at 9:00

Important! You can start your acquaintance with tea in your own flexible mode - on another day or in another month. Everything is signed - with care for you :)

Participants of the tea journey

Day 1

Red tea Dian Hong Jin Si “Golden Threads”.

One of the most attractive for the autumn-winter season. Similar to the famous Fujian Jin Jun Mei, but still confident Yunnan Dian Hong. Tart and richly fruity.

Get to know each other better

Day 2

Shu Puer Sugar

Perhaps there is nothing more convenient than Shu Puer tiles. The blend contains 2 types of raw materials: whole-leaf 3rd grade makes up the base, seasoned in a fair amount with tender leaves and buds of 1st grade. Very drinkable. Wood, bark, dark chocolate and more.

Take with you

Day 3

South Fujian oolong. Tie Guan Yin

One of the most famous oolongs from the south of Fujian Province from Anxi County. Tieguanyin has been traditionally grown since the 7th century. In Anxi, it is classified according to the processing method. Our premium Tieguanyin is created using the classical processing technology of Hua Xiang “Flower Fragrance” leaf.


Day 4

Shu Puer Chocolate


For every day, but even more: a blend of guntin and whole leaves from large trees. Thick and rich, bright. Woody chocolate, nutty.

Cheer up

Day 5

Taiwanese oolong Hong Shui

A strong degree of fermentation, close to the fermentation of red tea, which is why this tea is called “red water”. Jam.


Day 6

Gui Fei Oolong, Taiwan

Do you like the famous oolong "Oriental Beauty"? Perhaps this tea will go on the shelf next to it. Taiwanese. High degree of fermentation. Fruity and floral. Honey.

Try it

Day 7

Red tea Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

Fujian. This tea can be called the ancestor of red tea. Atmospheric, bright. Chocolate.


Day 8

Shu Pu'er Menghai classic

Classic Shu Pu'er from the Menghai region.

Reminiscent of classic shu from famous puer factories (Haiwan, Da Yi). The effect is harmonious, balanced, “evens out” and gently tones.


Day 9

Da Jin Zhen Wang "Golden Needles"

We remember with trepidation the first bowl of this wonderful red.

Made in early spring from selected, large tea buds, densely covered with golden orange hair. The name translates as “Royal Big Golden Needles” (Chinese: 大金针王).

The rich taste and bright aroma of Golden Needles are achieved thanks to the highest quality of selected raw materials, the characteristics of the Jingu Da Bai Cha cultivar and the terroir richness of the collection sites. We would like to separately note the author’s tea processing technology: the final drying process is carried out at a low temperature in order to maximize and capture the aroma of the tea leaves.

Take strength and energy

Day 10

Wuyi Oolong Zhou Gui Gao Shan "Flower Fragrance"

Wuyi Zhou Gui or Cinnamon from the Wuyi Mountains.

The name indicates its high-mountain origin and shallow, floral warming. Although when brewing, the fire in this tea feels more like medium.

The entire palette of aroma and depth of taste of Wuyishan oolongs, combined with the calming state after drinking tea, is embodied in the special Chinese term “Cliff Melody”. And it is present in this tea.

Get to know the melody

Day 11

Red tea Dian Hong Mi Xiang Jin Ya "Honey Golden Bud"

We continue to warm ourselves with red tea. Premium spring tea from Yunnan.

Delicate tea buds, densely covered with golden hair. The name translates as “Golden Buds with Honey Aroma.”

get warm

Day 12

GABA Oolong Li Shan

Taiwanese gaba oolong, grown in the Li Shan tea estate, in the high mountain region at an altitude of up to 2200 m. Noble gaba with an authentic flavor profile.

In the late 80s, the Japanese came up with a technology for processing tea leaves without access to oxygen and learned how to make tea with a high content of GABA. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA or English GABA) is responsible for concentration and performance, slightly reduces blood pressure, relaxes, and relieves tension.

Get drunk

Day 13

Dian Hong Maofeng premium "Golden Bud"

Dian Hong Maofeng is translated as the red of Dian in the shape of "shaggy peaks". Spring collection 2023. A premium version of the early spring harvest with a high content of delicate, bright, fleecy tea buds.

Delicate processing, low degree of oxidation and fast heat treatment. This tea can be called basic for acquaintance.

Try it

Day 14

Shu Puer Yun Zhen “Red Ox”, 2021, pancake 357 gr.

One of the best guntins. Bright, dense and velvety with peaty, woody notes.


Day 15

Shu pu-erh in Mini-touch

A mini-totka, as it should really be, and not this is all that our friends brought us as a gift. Most often, when we hear that Shu Puer is fish, dampness and generally fu-fu-fu and we find out that our first acquaintance was with the “wrong”, low-quality mini-dot, we boldly give ours.

We selected high-mountain raw materials from Pu'er County and developed a special blend. It includes whole leaves of the first and third categories (for density), as well as small buds (for brightness of taste).


Day 16

Sheng puer Lan Ban Zhang, 2010

Favorite Sheng.

Farm aged. High-grade raw materials from large trees from the surrounding mountainous region of Ban Zhang.


Day 17

Aged black tea Luan Hei Cha in a basket, 2009

Aged black tea Hei Cha from Anhui province. Selected raw materials with a minimum amount of sticks and twigs that are usually present in Hei Cha.

Dry storage since 2009 in the right warehouse has refined the taste, made the aroma more spicy, and the effect more powerful.

(not on sale, but you can ask us for a small quantity when ordering)

Day 18

White tea Yin Zhen Da Huang Ya Premium "Silver needles"

A real treasure.

A premium version of Chinese white tea from Yunnan province in the style of the famous Fuding tea Bai Hao Yin Zhen.

Tender, unopened buds from Da Huang Ya tea trees are covered with silvery hair and have the shape of long, slightly curved needles. Selected high-mountain raw materials from the first spring harvest and the varietal characteristics of the cultivar form the special taste of Silver Needles - expressive, rich, at the same time refined and subtle.

Compared to the basic Bai Hao Yin Zhen , these needles have a sweeter, nectar-honey and delicate taste, without astringency and herbaceousness, close to Fuding samples.

Day 19

Red tea Ruby No. 18

When you just want to write - yes, this is Ruby 18. And that’s enough.

Oolong? Red tea?

Hack yourself

Day 20

Gaba oolong pancake, Wuliangshan

A pancake of gaba tea, made and pressed to order by Art Of Tea from Yunnan raw materials. To produce this pancake, tea leaves were used from large 70-year-old tea trees from the Wuliangshan highlands (2000 m).

An unusual taste, reminiscent at the same time of Taiwanese gaba, sheng pu-erh, and red ones, combined with a powerful, intoxicating and relaxing effect. Tea to help your soul turn around and set off on a creative flight!

Day 21

Shu Puer Black Cat

Raw materials from trees 70 years old. Rich, woody, chocolatey and nutty. Dense. You can brew it “in oil”.

Roll up

Day 22

Sheng Puer Ba Da Qiao Mu, 2007

Aged, mature straight tree sheng (Qiao Mu) from the famous Ba Da tea region with a classic flavor profile for the area. Professional storage in a warehouse in Guangzhou with controlled temperature and humidity balance.

Ba Da Shan (Chinese: 巴达山) is one of the most famous classical tea regions in Yunnan Province. Included in the list of "eight famous tea mountains". The altitudes here reach 2200 m, and the climate is ideal for the growth of tea trees. Puer tea has been cultivated and produced here for hundreds of years.


Day 23

Red tea Ye Shen Hong Cha from wild trees, spring 2022

One of the most beloved by guests.

The tea is completely different from the classic Yunnan reds. Wild tea trees from the Wuliangshan highland region.

A special type of wild tea tree determines its unique aromatic and flavor palette. Has the potential to change over time - it will gain softness and depth of taste.

Get confused

Day 24

Shu Puer Black Dragon, 2022

We decided to finish our acquaintance with tea with a special tea.

Mono raw materials from old trees from a high mountain tea garden. Very deep and dense taste. Woody and nutty, creamy, confectionery notes, there are chocolate motifs and dried fruits.

Take it for yourself