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Infuser bottle Sama Doyo C-007, double glass, 238 ml

Infuser bottle Sama Doyo C-007, double glass, 238 ml

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Convenient, stylish, portable bottle for brewing tea made of heat-resistant glass from the famous Sama Doyo factory.

The wall of the bottle is made of double glass like a “thermos”, while the surface of the bottle does not heat up much and the water temperature is maintained much longer.

Removable flask - brewing compartment made of thick, single-walled glass, separated from the main compartment by a metal partition with slots.

High quality of all materials and parts, a convenient loop for safe carrying, ensure pleasant operation and long service life of the bottle.

Model: C-007, total bottle volume 350 ml; the volume of the removable flask is 112 ml.

Assembled height: 22 cm

Height without flask: 17 cm

Flask height: 6.5 cm

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