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Da Long Shan Gu Shu, 2022

Da Long Shan Gu Shu, 2022

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The leaves for this tea were harvested from 70-80 year old trees in a high mountain tea garden. The developed root system of old trees made the raw materials richer in trace elements, and tea - in taste. The collection area, Mount Da Long Shan ("Mountain of the Big Dragon") is environmentally friendly and has a favorable climate for growing tea.

The pancake is produced and pressed by order of Art of Tea. We completely controlled every stage of production and the choice of raw materials. Separately, we note that for Da Long Shan Gu Shu, we have chosen the raw materials of the most valuable, the first spring harvest. It has a lot of sweetness and freshness. We decided to use leaves from trees from one grove, without adding tea from other places or bushes, to bring out the pure taste of the area.

Da Long Shan Gu Shu has great aging potential and collectible value.

Aroma: honey-dried fruit, floral.

Taste: soft, clean, rounded. In the first cups, honey, dried fruits, clover flowers and light vegetable notes. They change to a denser, richer taste and end with a serene dried apricot sea, which can last at least twenty straits. No bitterness or harshness.

Impact: inspiring, refreshing.

Format: pancake 100 grams.

Production: harvest February 2022, press March 2022, Da Long Shan Highlands, Jinghong County, Xishuanbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.

How to Brew: Use slightly chilled water if you want a bright yet mild flavor and a powerful effect. Take 5 grams of tea per 100 ml of water, brew in a gaiwan or Yixing teapot.

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