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Da Jin Zhen Wang "Golden Needles", 2023

Da Jin Zhen Wang "Golden Needles", 2023

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Made in early spring from selected, large tea buds, densely covered with golden-orange pile. The name translates as "Royal Big Golden Needles" (Chinese 大金针王).

The rich taste and bright aroma of Golden Needles are achieved thanks to the highest quality of the selected raw materials, the characteristics of the Jingu Da Bai Cha cultivar and the terroir richness of the places of collection. Separately, we note the author's tea processing technology: the final drying process is carried out at a low temperature in order to maximally reveal and fix the aroma of the tea leaf.

Aroma: bright and rich, berry, smoky and strawberry.

Taste: juicy, sweet and strong. Velvety, fruity aftertaste.

Impact: refreshes and warms, gives strength and energy.

Collection: first spring (most valuable), end of February 2023, Jinggu region, Puer district, Yunnan province, China.

How to Brew: Use porcelain gaiwan if you want to maximize the flavor. Take a clay teapot made of Yixing clay if you want a pronounced, dense taste. Warm up the dishes well. Use boiling water. To prepare by pouring, take 5-6 grams per 100 ml of dishes. For infusion - 4 grams of tea per 250 ml of dishes.

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