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Dian Hong Bi Luo “Red Spirals”, 2023

Dian Hong Bi Luo “Red Spirals”, 2023

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If you are looking for tea that is convenient to carry with you in a bag or a tiny teapot, without fear for the integrity of the leaf, then throw a pinch into a mug, pour boiling water over it, wait 3 minutes, drink and soar a couple of centimeters above the floor... not a step further. . You have found what you are looking for.

Our Dian Hong Bi Luo (Chinese: 滇红碧螺) is made from tea flushes. A flush is a small to medium sized fluffy tea bud and the first, tender leaf.

At the same time, there are more buds in the 2023 harvest, the raw materials are of a higher grade compared to 2022, which means the taste is finer, brighter, and more expressive.

Aroma: with notes of red berries and rich pastries.

Taste: sweet, bready, wheat-berry with a noble tartness.

Pay attention to the amount of tea and brewing time. The spirals brew quickly and quite easily go into the berry tartness.

Impact: warms, calms, restores strength.

Harvest: spring 2023, Yunnan Province, China.

How to brew: to infuse, take 4 grams of tea per 250 ml of water and wait 3-4 minutes.

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