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Dian Hong Honey, autumn 2023

Dian Hong Honey, autumn 2023

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Popular Chinese red tea from the Yunnan province, on whose territory in ancient times the state of Dian was located, after which the tea was named Dian Hong (滇红, Red tea from Dian). We called it Honey for the corresponding shades in taste.

A fairly young variety, its history goes back 90 years. Dian Hong was created to compete with Indian and Ceylon tea in the foreign market. The idea was a success, and now Chinese dianhongs have gained popularity all over the world. What's the secret? Last but not least, raw materials are collected from large-leaf tea trees for Dianhong. These trees belong to the Assamese (Indian) variety of tea camellia. Hence the strength of taste and pleasant astringency.

The leaf for the production of this Dian Hong is collected from trees of a rare local cultivar from the Mengku region. Therefore, Dian Hong Honey has a bouquet that is different from the taste of classic Dian Hong.


Spicy and sweet, with notes of honey, chocolate and jam.


Soft and thick. Rich, bready, dried fruit, with a pleasant tartness. It drinks well, leaving a pleasant, velvety aftertaste.

Effect and properties of Dian Hong red tea

The taste and effect of this red tea are the most familiar and understandable, since in the European classification such tea is usually called black. Unlike Indian plantation blacks, Dian Hong is produced using powerful raw materials collected from tea trees in the mountainous province of Yunnan. The tree has a more developed root system than the shrub. Thanks to this, the tree collects more minerals and trace elements from the soil and fills the tea leaf with them.

Dian Hong perfectly warms, tones, fills with energy and lifts your spirits. In addition, red tea is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, activates blood circulation, improves digestion and promotes the effective breakdown of fats. Therefore, red Chinese tea Dian Hong is great for morning tea or finishing a day's meal, during the cold season and dank weather, brewing in a thermos to take with you to nature.


Fall 2023, Mengku Region, Lincang County, Yunnan Province, China.

How to brew

Suitable for any brewing method. Need a pick-me-up at work? Just throw a pinch or two of tea leaves into a cup and pour boiling water over them. Do you want to enjoy tea in the company of friends or loved ones? Take a gaiwan or a teapot made of Yixing clay; each spill will delight you with the development of taste and aroma. Use boiling water - Honey is almost impossible to over-brew, it only becomes brighter, richer and more invigorating.

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