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Zhou Gui Gao Shan "Flower Aroma"

Zhou Gui Gao Shan "Flower Aroma"

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In the name of this Zhou Gui there is an indication of its high-altitude origin and shallow, floral warming. Although when brewing, the fire in this tea feels more like a medium one.

The whole palette of aroma and depth of taste of wuyishan oolongs, combined with a pacifying state after drinking tea, is embodied in a special Chinese term "Cliff Melody". And in this tea it is present.

Aroma: multifaceted, refined, deep and noble, dense.

Taste: dense and rich, but rather strict, with tobacco, pepper, fruit, chocolate, spicy nuances and a voluminous, refreshing aftertaste.

Influence: leveling, harmonizing, meditative.

Collection: 2022, around Wuyishan Mountains, Fujian Province, China.

How to brew: carefully and thoughtfully, taking your time, paying attention to every sip and enjoying the aroma. Brew by pouring, warm the dishes. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more dense. Take a sufficient amount of tea leaves at the rate of 5 grams per 100 ml, use boiling water. Watch the video , brew your perfect cup of Zhou Gui and enjoy his "Cliff Melody".

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