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Yin Zhen "Silver Needles"

Yin Zhen "Silver Needles"

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A premium version of Chinese white tea from Yunnan province in the style of the famous Fuding tea Bai Hao Yin Zhen.

Delicate, unopened buds from Da Huang Ya tea trees are covered with silver hairs and shaped like long, slightly curved needles. Selected high-mountain raw materials of the first spring harvest and varietal characteristics of the cultivar form the special taste of Silver Needles - expressive, rich, at the same time refined and delicate.

Compared to the base Bai Hao Yin Zhen, these needles are distinguished by a sweeter, nectar-honey and delicate taste, without astringency and herbaceousness, close to Fudin samples.

Nose: sweet and light with hints of herbs, dried plums and honey.

Taste: soft and silky, juicy, without herbaceousness. With notes of heather honey, birch sap, dried fruits and creamy caramel. The aftertaste is pleasant, sweet, long.

Influence: relaxing or more gathering, if you use boiling water, harmonizing.

Collection: spring 2023.

How to brew white tea: Take a porcelain gaiwan for steeping. Warm up the dishes well. Put 5 grams of tea in 100 ml of water, use water of 80°C or hotter. Time of the first passage: 1 second. The cooler the water, the sweeter and softer the tea. The hotter the water, the stronger, richer and more tart the taste of the tea will be.

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