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Yun Zhen "Red Bull", 2022

Yun Zhen "Red Bull", 2022

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Powerful, fat, invigorating shu pu-erh from the creators of the legendary Gunting brick - the Xin Wen factory. Highly recommended to all lovers of good guntin.

Colorful, spectacular packaging and selected raw materials inside.

Taste: bright and rich, dense and velvety with peaty, woody and sugary notes.

Impact: pronouncedly awakening for vigorous activity.

Production: 2022, Xin Wen Factory, Yongde County, Lincang County, Yunnan Province, China.

Brewing Instructions: Warm the pot well. Rinse the tea with boiling water before brewing. For brewing by pouring, take 1 gram per 20 ml of water. Use fresh boiling water, leave for 5-30 seconds to taste. Tea will withstand at least 5 brews.

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