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Red tea Gu Shu Shaihun, 2023

Red tea Gu Shu Shaihun, 2023

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Premium red tea from old trees, sun dried. Made and pressed to order by Art of Tea.

The developed root system of old trees makes the leaves richer in microelements, and the high-mountain collection area is distinguished by ecological purity and a climate favorable for growing tea.

Shayhuns are a special category of red teas, where the final drying of the tea leaves is done in the sun, and not in a drying cabinet (oven), like the “classic” dianhongs. In this type of tea, the leaf has a characteristic fragrant berry aroma and retains more moisture and enzymes. And most importantly, shai khun, like sheng puer, has a high potential for further changes during the aging process - the taste will add roundness, honey and depth, and the impact - smoothness and strength.


Honey, fragrant, berry-dried fruit


Thick, buckwheat-honey, soft, fragrant, with a juicy, dried fruit and berry aftertaste. A strong tea with great potential for further aging.


Tones, intoxicates, warms.


March 2023 (first harvest), press summer 2023, high mountain tea garden, Jinggu region (景谷), trees over 100 years old, Pu'er County, Yunnan Province, China.

How to brew

Warm the dishes thoroughly. Rinse the tea with boiling water and wait, let the tea “breathe” a little. To better understand the subtleties of the taste and aroma of this shaykhun, we recommend using the pouring method. For straight brewing, take 5-6 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water, brew in short bursts of 6+ seconds to taste, gradually increasing exposure time with each pour. The tea will withstand at least 5-6 spills. Happy tea drinking!

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