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Green tea Maofeng Zao Chun "Early Spring", spring 2023

Green tea Maofeng Zao Chun "Early Spring", spring 2023

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Clear and delicate green tea of ​​early harvest.

Mao Feng (Chinese 毛峰, "Fuzzy Peaks") is not only the name of the leaf rolling, but also a method of tea production in which the buds and two adjacent leaves of the same length are selected. Thanks to this, tea is drunk for a long time and changes noticeably from brewing to brewing.

Aroma: Bright and sweet, with floral undertones.

Taste: fresh, sweet, with a light, barely perceptible bitterness, turning into sweetness.

Impact: refreshing, tonic.

Collection: early March 2023.

How to brew: We recommend using a thin-walled porcelain gaiwan or a glass teapot. Water 80-85°C for a balanced taste, 90-95°C for a bright, tart and strong tea, 70-75°C for a soft and sweet infusion. Find your perfect cup of green tea and enjoy every sip as if it were the first time.

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