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Menghai Classic 2020 Press 2023

Menghai Classic 2020 Press 2023

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Everyday shu pu-erh with a rich confectionery profile in a convenient, small format.

Made and pressed for Art of Tea in the Menghai region from medium sized leaf and moderate bud content guntin. Reminiscent of classic shu from famous Menghai puer factories (Haiwan, Da Yi).


Woody and nutty, rich.


Balanced, enveloping. Soft, round, thick and rich flavor profile with notes of nuts and cream, velvety chocolate bitterness on the aftertaste.


Invigorating, tonic.


Harvested 2020, pressed summer 2023, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna District, Yunnan Province, China.

New, fifth edition on sale from November 2023! Noticeably different from what was in previous batches - the raw materials are of a higher grade and more homogeneous.

The pancake is delicious to drink even now, despite being freshly pressed. It is bright, but not sharp, with an even taste without extraneous notes. In the future, the taste will develop, gain density and creamy shades characteristic of good Menghai shu.


Damn 100 grams.

How to brew

Do not skimp on the tea leaves, use boiling water. For straight brewing, take at least 5–6 grams of tea per 100 ml of boiling water. Be sure to rinse the pu-erh, then brew with an exposure time of 10 seconds, increasing the duration of each subsequent brew by 5-10 seconds. The tea will withstand at least 5 spills.

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