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Hiking set s100, celadon, 5 items

Hiking set s100, celadon, 5 items

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Portable ceramic travel set for tea ceremony.

Covered with celadon gray-blue glaze with a network of cracks, which will be worked out over time by tea infusion.

It is transferred with a towel and collected in a reliable and compact hard case with a transparent wall. There is a loop for easy carrying.

The set includes 5 items:

- gaiwan teapot with filter holes in the lid - 185 ml;

- bowls (3 pieces, 55 ml each);

- a towel.

An excellent option for the office, for the cottage, for travel. It looks stylish, is convenient to use, ideal for a hike, takes up minimal space in a bag or backpack, and will not get crushed by things.

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