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Red tea Ruby No. 18

Red tea Ruby No. 18

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The flavor profile of any tea is determined by three components: location, variety of bush and processing method. Ruby No. 18 deserves attention from everyone.

The Japanese, during their ownership of the island, discovered that the Sun Moon Lake area was ideal for tea. The largest freshwater lake on the island is reliably protected from gusty winds by the Shuishe and Dajian mountains. The climate is quite moderate, without sudden changes and with sufficient humidity.

TTES #18, also known as Ruby Red Tea, is one of the treasures developed by Taiwanese tea growers. It is a hybrid of Yunnan and Burma Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica and a wild Taiwanese variety of tea bush.

Bouquet: on one brew it is pure honey with spices and menthol freshness in the aftertaste, and on the other it is berry, cloudberry and caramel, with notes of cinnamon and light sourness. The tea leaves were carefully roasted and kept as intact as possible. Therefore, a leaf of natural twist takes a long time to brew and does not become bitter.

Impact: warms, tones and gives strength

How to brew: any tea container will do. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will complement the taste, glass is convenient for brewing tea in the office. Ruby is perfect for infusion brewing. Use boiling water.

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