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Si Zi Chun

Si Zi Chun

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Weakly fermented hemispherical twisted oolong from raw materials from bushes of the same variety. The name of the variety translates as “Spring of four seasons.” Si Zi Chun is a productive cultivar that can be harvested up to 4 times a year. At the same time, the quality of all 4 harvests will be equal, almost at the level of spring.

Aroma : rich, sweetish, with notes of jasmine.

Taste and aftertaste : sweet, buttery, with floral undertones. At the end of the tea, it is slightly more tart and slightly astringent, with fruity sweetness and a barely noticeable sourness in the aftertaste.

Effect : softening, soothing. Condition with a refreshing effect.

Collection: 2023

How to brew: warm up the vessel thoroughly - be it a thin-walled porcelain gaiwan or a ringing Yixing teapot. It is enough to take 5 grams of tea leaves per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water to unlock the full potential of Taiwanese oolong.

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