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Xiao Zhong Hua Xiang "Flower fragrance"

Xiao Zhong Hua Xiang "Flower fragrance"

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“Small Kind with Flower Aroma” (Chinese: 小种花香, ) is a Chinese red tea from the vicinity of the Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian Province.

During the manufacturing process, xiaozhong undergo an operation called “guo hong guo” or “passing the red cauldron.” This is a short but intense warm-up, 2-3 minutes at 200 degrees. Thanks to it, xiaozhong have a characteristic leaf color and “fiery” taste. The words Hua Xiang - “floral aroma” - are an indication that due to the class of raw materials and the presence of golden tips, the tea has a pronounced floral aroma.

Aroma: bright, with warm, floral, honey and bread undertones.

Taste: rich, clear, with pronounced sweetness, rich, sparkling, with a slight tartness. Pleasant enveloping aftertaste.

Effect: warming, tonic.

Harvested: Spring 2023, Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China.

How to brew: Any tea utensil is suitable for xiaozhong. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more rounded and pronounced. The straight-through method of preparing tea allows you to get several flavors from one brew. Infusion will save time and give one taste, but the most pronounced one. Warm the pot well before brewing. Use boiling water.

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