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Tieguanyin, premium

Tieguanyin, premium

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The famous oolong from the south of Fujian province from Anxi county. It is there that Tieguanyin has been traditionally grown since the 7th century. In Anxi, it is classified according to the way it is processed. Our top grade Tieguanyin is created with Hua Xiang's classic leaf processing technology "Flower Fragrance". It is valued for its balanced taste, floral aroma and long aftertaste.

Aroma: rich, intoxicating aroma with bright notes of lilac.

Taste: sweet, floral with a slight tartness. Long fresh aftertaste.

Impact: uplifting, calming and gently toning.

Collection: spring 2023.

How to Brew: Any tea utensil will do. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will complement the taste, glass will allow you to admire the opened leaves. For 100 ml. the volume is optimal to take 4 grams of tea.

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