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Thermal bottle Sama Doyo MC-05, blue, 380 ml

Thermal bottle Sama Doyo MC-05, blue, 380 ml

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Convenient, stylish, portable thermos bottle for carrying and brewing tea made of steel from the famous Sama Doyo factory.

The wall of the bottle is made of stainless steel like a thermos; inside the wall there are insulating layers, including a copper layer that perfectly reflects heat. The inside of the bottle is coated with ceramic coating. A bright, plastic, tactile-pleasant coating is applied to the surface of the bottle. The silver cap-lid with a magnet serves as a convenient bowl; the inside is also covered with ceramics.

The removable neck, which closes with a button, is equipped with a spout and is made of heat-resistant, food-grade plastic. There is a silicone seal and a steel filter with an innovative titanium coating.

High quality of all materials and parts, thoughtful ergonomics and design ensure pleasant operation and long service life of the bottle.

Model: MC-05, total bottle volume 380 ml.

Assembled height: 21 cm

Height of bowl-lid: 6.5 cm

Volume of bowl-lid: 125 ml

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