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Wuliangshan Organic, spring 2022, pancake 100 gr.

Wuliangshan Organic, spring 2022, pancake 100 gr.

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Young sheng pu-erh with large and small trees from an organic garden in the vicinity of the Wuliangshan mountain range. Produced and pressed by order of Art of Tea.

Raw material features:

  • the garden is located in the highlands of Wuliangshan;
  • the leaf is collected from one tea garden (mono raw material, not a blend);
  • the age of the trees in the garden is on average from 30 to 70 years;
  • the farmer does not use pesticides and chemicals and tries to adhere to traditional farming methods - such a garden in the Chinese classification is called "Shengtai" or "Organic";
  • collection - spring 2022 (the first collection of the year, which is especially important for sheng pu-erh).

Aroma : fruity (peach), floral, slightly herbaceous.

Infusion : light green, with a yellowish tint, olive.

Taste and aftertaste : dense, bright and fresh. With a slight, very pleasant bitterness, balanced by fruity sweetness. Refreshing, herbaceous-floral (meadow flowers and honey), fruity, very juicy.

Impact : gradual, at first relaxing and intoxicating, then adjusting and giving a feeling of vivacity and tone.

Production : China, Prov. Yunnan, Pu'er County, surroundings of the Wuliangshan Mountains, raw material spring 2022 (first harvest), press 2022, commissioned by The Art of Tea.

Format: pancake 100 grams.

How to brew : Porcelain gaiwan or clay teapot, rinse with boiling water, then - quick brewing with boiling water.

Strong sheng from quality organic raw materials. Despite the young age, it is perfectly drunk and "not afraid" of boiling water. Due to the high quality of raw materials, it has a good potential for aging. Excellent sheng from "honest" raw materials for a reasonable price.

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