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Shu Puer Qiao Mu Gunting, 2013

Shu Puer Qiao Mu Gunting, 2013

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A thick, greasy, oily guntin for every day is a great option to wake up and start the day in a brisk way.

The name of the pancake explains the origin and class of the raw material. The words Qiao Mu (Chinese 乔木, "Tall trees") indicate that the leaves for making this pu-erh were collected from tall, straight-stemmed tea trees. Such trees are frost-resistant and rich in substances useful for delicious tea in the leaves. Raw materials from trees are well suited for the production of red tea and pu-erh. The second part of the name, the word Gunting (Chinese 宫廷, "Palace") indicates the category of raw materials, i.e. sheet size. Such leaves are small, and at the same time whole, not cut. In guntins, tender leaves are necessarily interspersed with a large number of tea buds. Together they provide a strong flavor and a powerful impact.

Aroma: sweetish, with notes of wood and nuts.

Taste: thick, velvety, dense and smooth, with a pronounced woody-peaty base, hints of chocolate and bitter almonds. The aftertaste is enveloping, sweet, long.

Impact: well tones, warms, inspires.

Manufactured in 2013, Gu Cha Yuan Factory, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China. Damn already properly aged. Its storage was correct, the taste of tea became more balanced and rounded.

Format : pancake 357 grams.

How to Brew: Any tea utensil is suitable for pu-erh. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more rounded and pronounced. When dealing with guntins, put a little less or drain the finished infusion faster - they brew quickly.

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