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Qi Lan "Wonderful Orchid"

Qi Lan "Wonderful Orchid"

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Chinese oolong of weak warming from the vicinity of the Wu Yi mountains in Fujian province, whose name is translated from Chinese as "Wonderful Orchid" (Chinese 奇兰,). The features of the variety are high yield, resistance to frost and a bright orchid aroma. For oolong connoisseurs, it will remind tea from Guangdong province. Because it was from there that bushes of the Qi Lan variety were brought to the north of Fujian in the late 90s.

Aroma: harmonious and deep with floral, fruity notes.

Taste: fresh, sweet, baked, slightly tart. Turns into a pleasant, floral-fruity aftertaste.

Effect: relaxing, refreshing.

Collection: 2022, around the Wuyishan Mountains, Fujian Province, China.

How to Brew: Any tea utensil is suitable for Qi Lan. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will reveal the taste more densely. Take 5 grams of tea per 100 ml bowl for pouring or 4 grams of tea per 250 ml bowl for infusion. Use boiling water.

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