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Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, premium, 2023

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, premium, 2023

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Small View from Those Same Mountains (Chinese: 正山小种) is an easy-to-brew tea with natural notes of chocolate in the aroma.

Xiao Zhong of the highest grade differs from the base one in the absence of cuttings and large cut leaves. Its taste is cleaner and sweeter, and the aroma is brighter.

Aroma: bright and warm, with hints of baked fruit and chocolate.

Taste: sweetish, honey-fruity, with caramel and coffee notes.

Impact: well warms and tones.

Collection: Spring 2023, Wuyishan Mountains, Fujian Province, China.

How to Brew: Any tea utensil is suitable for Xiaozhong. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more rounded and pronounced. The method of making tea by pouring will allow you to get several flavors from one tea leaves. Infusing will save time and give one taste, but maximally manifested. Warm up the pot well before brewing. Use boiling water.

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