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Black Pearl, Yun Zhen

Black Pearl, Yun Zhen

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Pressed tea heads (Chinese: 老茶头, Lao Cha Tou) from the Xin Wen factory, Yong Zhen brand.

They are formed naturally as a result of tea leaves sticking and clumping during wet stacking. Most often, tea heads are found in loose form, but in this case they are pressed into bricks. They are valued for their dense, juicy and sweet taste, but you need to ensure that the water is as hot as possible. Otherwise it is difficult to reveal them 100%.


Sweetish-woody, with notes of dark chocolate and red berries.


Soft, balanced, rich and thick with a pleasant bitterness, berry and nut-chocolate undertones.


Invigorates for a long time. Helps on the road or creativity. An interesting substitute for coffee; Puer vigor lasts longer and ends smoothly, unlike coffee, when the strength disappears suddenly.


2022, Xin Wen Factory, Yongde County, Lincang County, Yunnan Province, China.


Brick 250 grams.

How to brew

Do not skimp on tea leaves and fresh boiling water, in short! Withstands many spills, great for infusing and brewing in a thermos.

Please note that clusters of whitish dots may be found on the surface of the tea heads. This is a feature of the production of tea heads, which are dried differently than loose raw materials. Over time, these post-fermentation traces disappear.

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