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Shui Xian Gao Shan Tang Bei

Shui Xian Gao Shan Tang Bei

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The taste and aroma of Wuyishan oolongs depends on many parameters, but two main ones can be distinguished: raw materials and heating. Raw materials determine the potential of tea. For example, if the bushes grow in a good place, receive the right amount of sun, fog and moisture, and the soil under the bushes is rich in necessary substances, then the leaves from such bushes can be used to make outstanding tea with an unforgettable taste. Warming up determines the final result. Tea can be spoiled if it is overheated or, conversely, underheated. But, when all the technological subtleties are observed, the result is perfectly balanced in taste and aroma... Shui Xian Gao Shan Tang Bei. Or “Charcoal-Warmed Highland Narcissus.”

The advantages of Narcissus are reflected in the name: the high-mountain harvesting area promises a wealth of raw materials, and successful heating using traditional technology on natural coals means an interesting bouquet.

Warm-up level: Jun Ho, medium.

Aroma: bright, rich and rich. The aroma of the heated leaf smells of honey and chocolate, fruits, caramel, and walnuts.

Palate: clean and strong, oily and dense, yet delicate. Smoothly transitions into a long, refreshing, sweetish aftertaste.

Impact: will warm, invigorate and inspire.

How to brew Wuyi Oolong: Use a porcelain gaiwan if you want to maximize the flavor. Use a Yixing clay teapot if you want a distinct, rich flavor. Warm the dishes thoroughly. Use fresh boiling water. For straight-through cooking, take 1 gram per 20 ml of water. For infusion - 2 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. First spill time: 1 second. Infusion time: 2–4 minutes.

Collection: 2023, surrounding the Wu Yi Mountains in northern Fujian, China.

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