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Mini Tocha Art of Tea, 2021

Mini Tocha Art of Tea, 2021

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Shu pu-erh made and pressed by order of Art of Tea. Historically, in Russia they sell mainly mini sharpeners from the lowest-grade raw materials. We didn't want to put up with it! It's such a convenient shape. But it turned out to be difficult to find a high-quality mini-point in China. Therefore, we decided to do everything ourselves - as it should.

We chose high mountain raw materials from Puer County and developed a special blend. It includes whole leaves of the first and third categories (for density), as well as small buds (for brightness of taste).

Aroma: Sweetish, coffee and nutty.

Taste: dense, oily and thick, with woody undertones and notes of nuts and dried berries.

Impact: invigorates and kind.

Production: 2018 raw material, 2021 press, Wuliangshan Mountains, Puer County, Yunnan Province, China.

Format: dot 6 grams.

How to brew: use boiling water and know your measure of the number of points per brew, in short. It is also convenient to cook mini tochi in a thermos. Do not forget to warm up the thermos before brewing.

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