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Menghai Wei "Pure Taste of Menghai", 2021

Menghai Wei "Pure Taste of Menghai", 2021

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Invigorating shu with classic taste from the famous Menghai region.

Made and pressed by order of Art of Tea. The idea was to emphasize in the taste of the pancake those notes of the area for which Menghai Pu-erh is so valued: confectionery shades, creaminess, sweetness. Due to the author's blending of raw materials from several tea gardens with large tea trees and the involvement of an experienced technologist, we have achieved the "same" Menghai taste, twisted to the maximum. Due to the significant content of tea buds in the blend, we also got a confident invigorating effect.

Aroma: thick, rich, woody, enveloping.

Taste and aftertaste: dense, fatty, confectionery, woody-creamy, soft and juicy. Bulky, sweet aftertaste. A strong tea with the potential for further aging.

Impact: invigorates, warms and inspires.

Production: 2019 fermentation, 2021 press, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.

Format: pancake 200 grams.

How to brew: in short, fearlessly. Take plenty of tea leaves, use fresh boiling water and, ideally, special tea utensils.

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