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Chen Xiang "Yellow Seal", 2003

Chen Xiang "Yellow Seal", 2003

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Premium aged shu pu-erh produced in Menghai in 2003 under the brand Zhong Cha (CNNP).

We found this pu-erh from a tea collector-investor from Guangzhou. For more than 10 years, he has been buying up successful runs of shu and shen pu-erh with their subsequent storage and resale. Professional storage in a specialized tea warehouse in Guangzhou.

Due to proper storage, the so-called Chen Xiang - "Aroma of Consistency" appeared in the tea. Chen Xiang can be defined as special notes in taste and aroma that appear in tea as a result of its (correct and fairly long) storage.

Aroma: Woody-nutty, with vintage notes of leather and an old basement or attic.

Taste: soft, deep, harmonious and refined. On the palate - old, slightly damp wood, chocolate, nuts, spicy, noble earthy notes. Long, slightly menthol aftertaste.

Impact: harmonizing, powerful, but meditative, relaxing.

Manufactured in 2003, Zhong Cha (CNNP), Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.

Format: pancake 357 grams.

How to brew: do not spare tea leaves, use boiling water! To fully reveal the potential of this tea, we recommend brewing it in an earthenware teapot using the infusion method.

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