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Chocolate, 2022

Chocolate, 2022

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High-grade shu pu-erh with a classic flavor profile, embodied in the convenient form of a square chocolate bar.

The blend contains 2 types of raw materials from the Puer region: whole leaves from large trees (Da Shu) and whole tender leaves of the palace (gunting) category. The tea leaves from the trees give the tea its body, thickness and overall bouquet. Kidney guntin - brightness, richness of taste and cheerfulness. Moderate fermentation and aging of the finished raw material for about a year made it possible to achieve a balance of strength and enveloping softness.

There are 9 bars in a whole chocolate bar. They break off easily and weigh 7-8 grams. Nine tea adventures for every taste: ceremony, tea drinking at work and at home, hiking or business trip. Break off, fill with boiling water, wait, enjoy!

Aroma: fresh, woody-chocolate, nutty.

Taste: dense and soft. Sweet, creamy aftertaste.

Influence: invigorating, energetic.

Production: 2021 harvested in Puer County, 2022 fermented and pressed in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China. Despite the relatively fresh press, Chocolate has already come into balance and is perfectly drunk.

Format: tile 72 grams.

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