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Shu Puer Yun Zhen Bai Lian “White Lotus”, 2018

Shu Puer Yun Zhen Bai Lian “White Lotus”, 2018

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A high-grade, invigorating guntin (Chinese: 宫廷, “Palace”) with a rich flavor.

Under the spectacular packaging are two bars of pu-erh chocolates, 100 g each. It is convenient to store, break off slices and adjust the strength of tea.


Bright and rich, dense and velvety with woody, resinous, nutty and sugary notes.


Pronounced tonic, accelerating, awakening for active activity.


2018, Xin Wen Factory, Yongde County, Lincang Region, Yunnan Province, China.


2 tiles of 100 grams. Each bar contains 15 slices of 7 grams.

How to brew

Warm the dishes thoroughly. Rinse the tea with hot water before brewing. To brew Chinese style, use 1 gram of tea per 20 ml of water. Use fresh boiling water, steep for 5-30 seconds to taste.

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