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Black Cat Puer "Black Cat", 2022

Black Cat Puer "Black Cat", 2022

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New Kotovy Pu-erh of our production.

We have taken into account all the experience of previous editions and your feedback. This version is the best in terms of quality and taste!

Aroma: Intense, woody-chocolate and nutty.

Taste: strong and dense in long brewing. Confectionery, woody and spicy notes are heard, and light creaminess is revealed on the aftertaste.

Effect: invigorating. Pu-erh for an active start to the day.


Harvest 2020, tea trees 70 years old, Ailaoshan Mountains, Pu'er County > Fermentation 2020, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County > Curing 2 years > Pressing March 2022, Yunnan Province, China.

Despite the relatively fresh press, the pancake is already perfectly drunk. In the future, it will gain density and balance in taste and aroma. So you can drink both now and store, watching the changes in the future.

Format: pancake 100 grams.

Brewing: we recommend using the pouring method . Take 1 gram of pu-erh per 20 ml of water. Use fresh boiling water, warm the dishes well. The first brew is 10 seconds, each subsequent +5 seconds. Works well in a thermos.

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