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Sheng Puer Ba Da Qiao Mu, 2007

Sheng Puer Ba Da Qiao Mu, 2007

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An aged, mature straight tree sheng (Qiao Mu) from the renowned Ba Da tea region with a classic flavor profile for the area. Professional storage warehouse in Guangzhou with controlled temperature and humidity balance.

Ba Da Shan (Chinese: 巴达山) is one of the most famous classical tea regions in Yunnan Province. Included in the list of "eight famous tea mountains". Altitudes here reach 2200 m, and the climate is ideal for the growth of tea trees. Pu-erh tea has been cultivated and produced here for hundreds of years.

Bright, rich flavor profile, but at the same time, perfectly adjusted and balanced.

Notes of caramel, fruit, pleasant velvety bitterness in the aftertaste.

The impact is deep, meditative, clarifying.

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