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Sheng puer Kuzhushan Ye Shen, 2023

Sheng puer Kuzhushan Ye Shen, 2023

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Bright, expressive pu-erh for true connoisseurs from wild-growing trees ("E Shen") from the Jinggu region, produced and pressed in micro-circulation of 30 kg exclusively by order of Art of Tea.

Features of raw materials

  • mighty, wild tea trees, over 200 years old;
  • high mountain area in a secret place on Mount Ku Zhu Shan (Jinggu region), altitude more than 2000 m ;
  • completely manual , delicate processing of selected raw materials by an experienced craftsman;
  • collection - to order, spring 2023 ;


Delicate but deep, multifaceted, floral-fruity and intoxicatingly honey-like.

Infusion color

Greenish, with a golden tint. Bright and clean.

Taste and aftertaste

Due to the characteristics of the raw materials, the taste of tea is soft, juicy, refreshing, with pronounced shades of exotic fruits and flowers, and a small, pleasant bitterness characteristic of “wild” raw materials. It is not at all afraid of boiling water and long exposures; this makes the taste brighter and richer, and sweetness appears.

The aftertaste is long, voluminous, with notes of linden honey and menthol freshness.

Interesting already today, in the future, with aging, it will actively change in taste and aroma, gain body and richness.


Powerful, but smooth, noble, intoxicating.


Damn 200 grams. Comes with a branded zip-lock bag for convenient storage.

How to brew

Porcelain gaiwan or clay teapot, water 95°C. Make short infusions, but don’t be afraid to hold it and see how the flavor of the tea develops.

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