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Yixing clay teapot #1125, Ju Lun, 115 ml

Yixing clay teapot #1125, Ju Lun, 115 ml

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A miniature teapot made of Yixing clay with a neat shape. Thanks to high-temperature firing, the teapot acquired a slightly “rough”, tactilely pleasant surface. The universal shape is suitable for any tea, and the size is for 1-2 people.

Beautiful, concise, convenient. Water lock, fast and smooth drainage. The lid will wear in over time, and the kettle will work effectively.

Clay type: Duan Ni (Yixing Gold)

Shape: Ju Lun (Chinese: 巨轮, "Cart Wheel")

Draining a full kettle: 9 sec

Volume: 115 ml

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