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I am Shi Xiang Lao Cong from the old bushes

I am Shi Xiang Lao Cong from the old bushes

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Guangdong Oolong from Feng Huang Mountain. It is distinguished by a favorable climate and soil for tea. The name translates to "Duck Poo Scent", but don't let that fool you. According to one of the legends about its origin, the aroma of this oolong is so bright and attractive that the farmer decided to protect his plantation from theft with such an unappetizing name. According to another version, it was a marketing ploy to attract attention. In any case, the tea came out multifaceted and delicate.

Lao Cong's addition indicates that the raw materials used to prepare this oolong were collected from trees over 50 years old. The taste and aroma of tea from old trees is brighter, and the effect is deeper and more powerful. Ya Shi Xiang is lightly fermented, so it will stand up to more brewing than most of its counterparts from this region.

Aroma: bright, floral, with berry and fruit notes.

Taste: fresh, honey-fruity, slightly filling. Low, delicate viscosity. Long sweetish aftertaste.

Impact: raises overall tone, concentrates attention. It is advisable to use during long, calm and ceremonial tea drinking.

Harvested: 2023, Feng Huang Mountains, Guangdong Province, China.

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