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Dian Hong “With an Elephant”, 2023

Dian Hong “With an Elephant”, 2023

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Chinese red tea from the Yunnan province, on whose territory in ancient times the state of Dian was located, after which the tea was named Dian Hong (滇红, Red tea from Dian).

A fairly young variety, its history goes back 90 years. Dian Hong was created to compete with Indian and Ceylon tea in the foreign market. The idea was a success, and now dianhongs are popular all over the world. What's the secret? Last but not least, raw materials are collected from large-leaf tea trees for Dianhong. These trees belong to the Assamese (Indian) variety of tea camellia. Hence the strength of taste and pleasant astringency.

The pancake is made from raw materials from a high-altitude, environmentally friendly tea plantation on Mount Wuliangshan and pressed to order by Art of Tea. When we selected and blended the raw materials for this tea, we were inspired by the idea of ​​making a clear and tasty red tea, the flavor profile of which would be as close as possible to “that same” Indian “tea with an elephant”.


Fresh, chocolate-tobacco, with notes of vanilla and berries.


"The same one." Bright, velvety and sweet with pleasant tartness and berry sourness. Long, enveloping aftertaste with notes of black berries.


Warms well, soothes and relaxes. Maintains tone.


Harvested - March 2023, pressed - March 2023, Wuliangshan Mountains, Pu'er County, Yunnan Province, China.


Damn 100 grams.

How to brew

Any usual tea utensils are suitable for dian hong. Warm the pot well before brewing. Use boiling water. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more rounded and pronounced. The straight-through method of preparing tea allows you to get several flavors from one brew. Infusion will save time and give one taste, but the most pronounced one. Cooking over an open fire will reveal the tea's potential to the fullest; the tea will be rich, rich and powerful.

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