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Gu Shu Dian Hong from Jinoshan, twisted

Gu Shu Dian Hong from Jinoshan, twisted

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Red tea with a bright aroma and powerful effects from large old tea trees (Gu Shu). The tea is collected from trees that are about 150 years old in a high-altitude tea garden on the slopes of Jingoshan Mountain. The developed root system of old trees makes the leaves richer in microelements, and the high-mountain collection area is distinguished by ecological purity and a climate favorable for growing tea.

Jinoshan Mountain, also known as Yule Shan (攸乐) , belongs to the group of 6 Famous Tea Mountains. Located near the city of Jinghong - the administrative center of Xishuangbanna County.


Bright, bready, with confectionery and dried fruit notes.


Sweetish, balanced, dense. Notes of butter dough, pastries and dried apricots, pronounced berry sourness. The aftertaste is juicy, honeyed, fragrant, voluminous.


Warming, powerful, but calm, tonic, concentrating.


First harvest: spring 2023, Jinoshan Mountain (Yule), Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.

How to brew

We recommend taking a teapot made of Yixing clay. In it, the taste of tea will be pronounced, rounded and more powerful than in gaiwan. To brew straight, take 5-6 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. First spill time: 3-5 seconds. Use boiling water. Set aside more time for tea drinking, gather your friends or loved ones together and have fun. It will perform well when cooked over a fire (according to Lu Yu) - it will open up densely, richly and as brightly as possible, showing the full power of aroma and impact!

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