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Dian Hong Song Zhen "Pine Needles"

Dian Hong Song Zhen "Pine Needles"

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Red tea from Fengqing from selected raw materials.

Due to its distinctive appearance, this tea is sometimes called "Pine Needles". Fragrant, warming and tonic. Perfect for both simple brewing in a mug and delicate opening using the pouring method in a gaiwan or clay teapot.


Bright, fragrant, sweetish honey.


Juicy, sweet taste with a note of bread crust, dried fruits, with a pleasant berry tartness and caramel-chocolate bitterness. The aftertaste is juicy, voluminous, fragrant.


Refreshes and warms, gives strength and energy.


Spring 2023.

How to brew

Use a porcelain gaiwan if you want to maximize the flavor. Use a Yixing clay teapot if you want a distinct, rich flavor. Warm the dishes thoroughly. Use boiling water. For straight-through cooking, take 5-6 grams per 100 ml of dishes. For infusion - 4 grams of tea per 250 ml of dishes.

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