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Taiwanese oolong Dong Ding Qing Xiang

Taiwanese oolong Dong Ding Qing Xiang

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Medium-fermented oolong with hemispherical twist. Grown and produced in the tea estate of the Lu Gu region.

This tea, the ancestor of almost the entire Taiwanese oolong tradition, was originally produced on a mountain peak in the Nantou area. For this it received the name “Oolong from Frosty Peak”. The technology for its production came to the island along with refugees from Fujian Province (China) in the mid-1960s. Some features of the technology have become leading in the tradition of Taiwanese teas. Now tea called "Dong Ding" is made throughout Taiwan and this name has become more an indication of the processing technology than of the area.


Baked, honey, with nuances of flowers, fruits and spices.


Soft, sweetish-creamy, multifaceted, with nutty, buttery and floral notes. Juicy, refreshing aftertaste.


Intoxicating, relaxing, meditative.


2023, o. Taiwan.

How to brew

Brew in quick pours. Warm up the dishes well - be it a thin-walled porcelain gaiwan or a ringing Yixing teapot. It is enough to take 5 grams of tea leaves per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water to unlock the full potential of Taiwanese oolong. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the amazing, subtle and iridescent aroma of tea whenever possible.

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