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White tea Gu Shu Bai Cha, coin, 8 g

White tea Gu Shu Bai Cha, coin, 8 g

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Chinese white tea from Yunnan province in the form of convenient, stylish coins.

The tea is made from raw materials from a high-mountain, environmentally friendly tea plantation in Menghai County and pressed to order by Art of Tea.


Light and floral, with notes of honey.


Bright, refreshing, expressive, without astringency. With fruity and floral notes on the palate. It opens gradually and is brewed a large number of times due to the tight press.


Calms, relieves tension, gently tones.


Harvesting - April 2023, pressing - May 2023, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.


Coin 8 gr.

How to brew

For Yunnan white tea, any usual tea utensils will do. Warm the pot well before brewing. Use boiling water if you want to get the brightest taste and chilled water for a soft and delicate opening. Porcelain will enhance the aroma, clay will make the taste more rounded and pronounced. The straight-through method of preparing tea allows you to get several flavors from one brew. Infusion will save time and give one taste, but the most pronounced one. Cooking over an open fire will reveal the tea's potential to the fullest; the tea will be rich, rich and powerful.

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