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Shu puer Lao Ban Zhang, 2014

Shu puer Lao Ban Zhang, 2014

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Premium aged shu pu-erh with a rich flavor profile from selected raw materials from large tea trees. The press is average, the pancake is easily broken by hand.


Rich, sweet and woody.


Fat, dense, thick, but soft and very drinkable. Well balanced, with confectionery and creamy undertones, notes of dark chocolate and spicy wood. Volumetric, long, sweet aftertaste.


Balanced, powerful but smooth.


2014, Yun Ming Factory (Chinese: 永明茶厂), Bulanshan Mountains, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna County, Yunnan Province, China.


Damn 357 grams.

How to brew

Warm the dishes thoroughly. Rinse the tea with boiling water before brewing. For straight brewing, take 5-7 grams of pu-erh per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water, leave for 5-30 seconds to taste. The tea will withstand at least 5 brewings.

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