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Taiwanese oolong Lao Cha Wan, 2008

Taiwanese oolong Lao Cha Wan, 2008

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Aged 15-year-old oolong from the Ju Shan estate.

This Taiwanese oolong was produced by a master from Ju Shan about 15 years ago. The technology for aging Lao Cha Vans involves periodically frying the batch once every six months or once every few years. As a result, tea acquires new properties and a different biochemical composition. Only the strongest and best teas can be aged. During the ripening process, tea changes properties and becomes deeper, richer and more noble, acquiring specific properties that cannot be duplicated by any other methods.

Depending on the source raw material (tea leaves), storage conditions and climate, the master decides on roasting the batch.

The tea turned out amazingly beautiful in appearance and opening. The glossy shine of a tightly rolled leaf indicates the preservation of nutrients in the tea. The raw material is based on selected young flushes of 2-3 small sheets. This is a monoparty - one collection for one year.


Deep, caramel, woody, with notes of tobacco.


Soft, rich, spicy caramel, tobacco, nutty and dried fruit, with chocolate and smoky coffee notes in a voluminous aftertaste.


Harmonizing, relaxing, meditative.


15 years ago, Fr. Taiwan.

How to brew

Brew in spills. Warm up the dishes thoroughly, be it a porcelain gaiwan or a porous Yixing teapot. It is enough to take 5 grams of tea leaves per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water to unlock the full potential of Taiwanese oolong. Will withstand many spills. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the amazing, subtle and iridescent aroma of tea whenever possible.

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