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Longjing "Dragon Well", premium grade, spring 2024

Longjing "Dragon Well", premium grade, spring 2024

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Longjing is one of the ten "Famous Teas of China".

Made from small tea leaves and buds, it takes a long time to drink, has a bright aroma and rich taste. When produced, thin and flat leaves are obtained.


Bright, rich, sweet, delicate notes of roasted seeds and sunflower oil.


Thick, buttery and rich. Sweetish, floral notes with a slight bitterness, oily.


Refreshes, gives vigor, improves attentiveness and performance.


Spring (April) 2024.

How to brew

Take a thin-walled gaiwan, porcelain teapot or glassware. It is recommended to brew with water cooled to 80°C. Steep quickly but often so that the tea leaves do not have time to cool completely.

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