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Matcha whisk, light

Matcha whisk, light

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Whisk Chasen (Japanese: 茶筅) for whipping matcha tea powder.

To prepare Japanese matcha tea correctly and tasty, you need a bamboo whisk (chasen). He whips the powdered tea until it's perfectly foamy. Does not impart foreign tastes or odors. Made by hand from a single cut of white or black bamboo. The presented whisk has 100 bristles, and not 64, like most other models. This allows you to quickly whip up a tastier and thicker foam. Before each use, soak the whisk in warm water for 5 minutes. As the whisk absorbs water, it becomes more flexible and less susceptible to damage.

Material: white bamboo.

Recipe: pour half a teaspoon of matcha into a heated cup (chawan) and pour 50 ml of 80C water. Whisk the tea in a quick, gentle, circular motion for 15+ seconds until there are no lumps and a rich foam forms. The finished drink can be consumed both hot and cold. After use, rinse and dry the whisk. The whisk comes with a storage case.

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