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Green tea with jasmine Moly Hua Lu Cha

Green tea with jasmine Moly Hua Lu Cha

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Table green tea with jasmine petals.

Thanks to natural aromatization, the aroma of jasmine is rich, balanced and lasts until the end of tea drinking.


Subtle, sweet, with a pronounced note of jasmine.

Taste and aftertaste

Mild taste with a slight tartness and a sweet bubblegum note from the jasmine. The aftertaste is long, juicy and refreshing.


Refreshes, gently tones. A good option for morning or afternoon tea.

How to brew

Thin-walled gaiwan or teapot with quick drain. We do not recommend using earthenware, as it will absorb the aroma of jasmine petals. Brew either with fairly hot water and very quickly, or with slightly cooled water with a longer exposure.

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