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Taiwanese oolong Dong Fan Mei Zhen "Oriental Beauty"

Taiwanese oolong Dong Fan Mei Zhen "Oriental Beauty"

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Fermented Taiwanese oolong naturally twisted from the raw materials of the Da Mo bush. Widely known as the Eastern Beauty.

This tea has many names - Peng Feng, Bai Hao Oolong, Formosa Oolong, Taiwanese Butterfly. The Eastern Beauty was nicknamed “Tea-Cake” and “Tea Champagne” for its extraordinary honey-fruit sweetness and spiciness of taste. The special flavor profile of this tea is believed to be due to the influence of a special insect, the green-winged cicada. They bite the tea leaves and start the fermentation process already on the bush.

The production of Beauty uses the most expensive, organic raw material - a young, half-blooming shoot with a large, full bud. The buds contain the maximum amount of essential oils and tea alkaloids. It is precisely because of the presence of buds (tips) covered with white fibers that this oolong is called “Bai Hao”, that is, oolong with white hair. All raw materials are collected exclusively by hand.


Floral-fruity, honey, fragrant, intoxicating.


Soft, velvety, but at the same time bright and expressive, with hints of berries, flowers and delicate nectar sweetness. Juicy, refreshing, long aftertaste with slight sourness and a pleasant tart note, reminiscent of good red teas.


Inspiring, illuminating and gently encouraging.



How to brew

It is better to use the short pour method to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of the Eastern beauty. Take 5 grams of tea per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water if you want maximum expressiveness and brightness of taste. The main thing is not to over-expose, so as not to make the tea too astringent. Cool the water to 90 degrees if you want more floral nutmeg tenderness. Tea will show its best in Gong Fu Cha, a tea ceremony with couples for a more detailed acquaintance with the aroma.

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