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Sama Doyo Bonston BP-13, glass flask, 500ml

Sama Doyo Bonston BP-13, glass flask, 500ml

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Convenient, stylish and practical teapot in premium design. 3 in 1 - brewing container + sieve + drainer (chahai).

You can brew any type of tea in this type. Made from high quality materials - heat-resistant glass, wood, polished stainless steel.

The inner flask is made of glass and equipped with a silicone gasket. The locking drain valve is lifted by a magnet built into the lid of the tipot under the brand logo. Simply place or turn the lid with the logo facing the handle - the valve will open and the finished tea will pour into the outer flask. Also, this magnet reliably fixes the lid from falling.

Inner flask volume: 210 ml.

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