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Gongfu teapot LIGHTKING B-06, 600 ml

Gongfu teapot LIGHTKING B-06, 600 ml

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A practical gongfu teapot (or tipot) with a button. Tastyly brews any leaf tea in the office without too much fuss and with maximum results.

Model B-06 has a slightly curved beak at the end. This bend protects the kettle from dripping, and the table from stains and moisture. A collapsible drain system allows you to clean the tipot once a year to its original state. Instructions in the video review below. The brewing flask is fixed securely and does not dangle.

Jug volume: 600 ml.

The volume of the brewing flask: 220 ml.

Materials: tempered glass, food grade plastic, polished stainless steel.

Mechanism: spring.

Lid stopper: yes.

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