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Zhong Guo Hong "Chinese Red", 2023

Zhong Guo Hong "Chinese Red", 2023

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An unusual, highly fermented red tea from Yunnan.

Its history began a little over 20 years ago at the famous Fengqing tea factory, where the technology for producing dianhong was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. But this time, the factory’s specialists set their sights on a more ambitious task - to come up with a red tea that would be a collective image of all Chinese red tea. Hence its sonorous name. During experiments with tea plant cultivars brought from other provinces and technologies for processing tea leaves, “Chinese Red” was born.

Aroma: honey, sweet, fragrant, heady aroma, with berry notes.

Taste: sweet and rich, bready, with noble berry sourness in a voluminous, spicy, juicy aftertaste. Reminiscent of both wild Yunnan ye shengs and Fujian xiaozhong and minhong.

Impact: warms well, soothes, gently tones.

Harvesting: spring 2023.

How to brew: Warm the pot well. For straight brewing, take 5-6 grams per 100 ml of water. Use boiling water, exposure 5-15 seconds to taste. The tea will withstand at least 5 spills. To infuse, take 4 grams of tea per 250 ml of water and wait 3-4 minutes. Happy tea drinking!

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